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Chiropractic First

It pains us to know that people are more afraid of natural chiropractic than of medicine.  Unfortunately, Big Pharmaceutical companies have gotten to our society daily for years before we were even introduced.  At East Cobb Health we make it our moral obligation to break down the barriers of thinking there's a pill for everything if I get sick.  By taking a more proactive approach to health we want to help you express health like never before.  Before choosing potentially harmful prescriptions drugs and surgery ask us if we can help- you may be surprised to hear that we can.  Call (770) 509-6755 to schedule your initial consultation with the doctor.  At East Cobb Health we provide an environment conducive for health acceleration.  

The nation is faced with a health care crisis that is continuing to get worse.  Childhood diabetes and obesity is still running rampant, lifestyle diseases like heart disease and cancer are still the number 1 and 2 killers, and our quality of life is getting worse.  This is the first generation in history that your children have a lower life expectancy than you do.  Who is there to help?  Who can you really trust your health with?  Is your doctor treating you as they want or as your health insurance dictates?  These are questions your shouldn't take lightly.  

Our goal is to spread the message of true health and what that means we are able to get our patients out of pain.  However, we won't stop there.  In a triathalon, would you stop after you run the first leg of the race?  Health is a journey, not a destination.  Although, removing the source of pain will be our number one goal, we are a wellness oriented office.  That means that we incorporate fitness, nutrition, health living, chiropractic, stress relieving techniques, how to raise a healthy family, and many other ideas into our office.

Your health outcome is our greatest responsibility as it is yours!  Act today and give us a call.  (770) 509-6755.




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Dr. Pero is the Team Chiropractor of the Atlanta Blaze

                                                               Dr. Jason Pero

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