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Are you one of those suffering from nagging neck pain that are hesitant to try a chiropractor.  Natural health solution like chiropractic are often considered a safe alternative to taking medications that alter body chemistry in often negative ways.  Our Marietta chiropractor may help you fix this problem.  Call 770-509-6755 for your free consultation.  

Subluxation may be causing that neck stiffness and even neck pain.  If you get analyzed by a chiropractor there is no other trained professional on the planet to let you know if you have subluxations.  For more information on subluxations click here. 

Neck Pain "pinched nerves" and Chiropractic

A recent study finds that going to a chiropractor relieves neck pain more effectively then pain medication.  This is great if you want to get out of pain chiropractic can help, but you have to look at the big picture.  The big idea is that if you don’t take care of your spine now it may be too late later.  The power of chiropractic is amazing and if you haven’t experienced what a corrective care chiropractor can do for you find one in your area.  My mission is to help my community live pain free lives without the use of drugs and surgery.  It’s been well documented that surgeries often fail and have to be repeated.  And by now we all know that side effects are the norm when popping pills or using other medicine. 

Life is too short to be firing on half of your cylinders.  If you’ve ever been in a car accident, had any major falls, played a rough sport (yes children cheerleaders and gymnasts included) when you were young (cheerleading being the worst), had a difficult birth, etc and never had chiropractic treatment chances are you are out of whack.  Did you know that 75% of Americans suffer from neck pain during their lifetime. 

Neck pain has many causes including but not limited to whiplash from car accidents, acute injuries from sports, falls, repeated motions, poor posture, strained muscles, and more.  It is important to check the integrity of the structural alignment of the cervical curve (neck) to determine if that is the cause of the neck pain.  Recent research has demonstrated that chiropractic is effective for treating neck pain.  Mild to moderate neck pain is one of the most frequent reasons from trips to primary care doctors. 

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I'd been having lower back pain for about a year now. It got to the point where my quality of life was being seriously affected. I knew it was time I needed to seek a professional. I went to Dr Jason, he told me with 1-2 adjustments weekly I would be feeling better. About 2 months later my pain is nearly nonexistent. I truly believe without Chiropractic care I would still be in pain. Thank you Dr. Jason!

Carmen L.
Marietta, GA

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