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East Cobb Health is a Marietta Sports and Family Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Pero has experience with a wide range of injuries, symptoms and conditions.  At ECC we always do an assessment first before we put our hands on you.  If your case calls for it we will refer out for X-Ray or MRI.  Not every patient is required to have an X-Ray.  We do this to protect the patient.  Currently, Dr. Pero performs a wide range of services.

Services Dr. Pero offers

Chirorpactic, GRASTON, electric stim., mobility training, spinal correction, manual therapy, ART, blocking, drop table, full spine, diversified and activator adjusting.

GRASTON:  For those who wish only to have Graston without chiropractic.  We understand you may have a chiropractor and respect that, but Dr. P will still need to do an assessment to determine muscle, tendon, ligament, bone structures that may be involved causing injury or preventing function.  

Initial assessment:  from $70-$120

Graston office visit:  $50

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Welcome to Dr. Jason's website

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Welcome to my website...

"My name Jason Pero, DC.  I am a sports and family chiropractor that serves patients in Marietta and more specifically East Cobb area."  

"I understand that you may be a bit fearful of seeing a chiropractor, or are worried about having to see a chiro forever, or the financial commitment that comes with being a practice member.

I have overhauled the way the we do things in the office so that you are educated about good, better and best options of care.  

THIS ---->https://drjasonperocom.chiromatrixbase.com/services.html

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I'd been having lower back pain for about a year now. It got to the point where my quality of life was being seriously affected. I knew it was time I needed to seek a professional. I went to Dr Jason, he told me with 1-2 adjustments weekly I would be feeling better. About 2 months later my pain is nearly nonexistent. I truly believe without Chiropractic care I would still be in pain. Thank you Dr. Jason!

Carmen L.
Marietta, GA

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