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Topics we Cover in Corporate Talks Include the Following and More:

  1. How to Resolve Back and Neck Pain without Drugs or Surgery

    • Understanding how Chiropractic care can help treat back/neck pain, nerve related problems, and sports related injuries
    • Implications of Subluxation (spinal misalignment) on your health and how it can affect your entire body system, growth, and daily activities
    • How to prevent back and neck pain
    • Posture check exercises for poor posture
  2. How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace
    • Understanding musculoskeletal injuries
    • Warning signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries
    • Causes of musculoskeletal injuries
    • Self-tests to determine signs of musculoskeletal injuries
    • How to prevent musculoskeletal injuries from occurring
    • Stretching exercise
  3. How to correct and maintain a good posture at work and at home
    • Warning signs of poor posture
    • The anatomy of good posture
    • Improper and proper way to work at your desk
    • How Chiropractic benefits posture
    • Tips on improving posture and proper ergonomics at work / home
    • Posture exercises for poor posture
  4. How to overcome Headaches Drug Free
    •  Understanding the different types of headaches
    •  How headaches are triggered
    •  Self-tests to determine a physical problem with spine, nerves and muscles
    •  Exercises to reduce headache tensions
  5. How to Boost your Immune System Naturally
    • Understand your nervous system and immune system
    • Spinal Health vs. Immune System
    • The causes and effects of poor immune system
    • How to improve your immune system 
    • Exercises to improve spinal health and boost your immune system
  6. Secrets of Sleeping Well Without Pills
    • Common types of sleep disorders and its symptoms
    • Consequences of sleep deprivation
    • The real truth behind prescription drugs for sleep disorders
    • How sleep affects your immune system
    • Tips on getting a good night’s sleep

  7.  10 biggest Myths about your Health

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I'd been having lower back pain for about a year now. It got to the point where my quality of life was being seriously affected. I knew it was time I needed to seek a professional. I went to Dr Jason, he told me with 1-2 adjustments weekly I would be feeling better. About 2 months later my pain is nearly nonexistent. I truly believe without Chiropractic care I would still be in pain. Thank you Dr. Jason!

Carmen L.
Marietta, GA

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